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Multiplayer skins

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This past weekend, I tried to introduce my gaming crew to the glory of GRAW 2. Two players loved it but the rest groaned and moaned about "the Mexican Olympic sniping team" that is the enemy AI. By the end of the day, the whole party had reinstalled Joint Ops and were all singing it's praises.

This got me thinking of doing a mod. I haven't cracked the mod tools for this game yet but I'm consistently impressed with the work that gets done around this board.

[GR] had an awesome GI Joe mod that I want to try and recreate for GRAW 2. So here are my questions for those in the know;

1. Can the kits be given names i.e. call support kit 3 "Roadblock".

2. Can these kit load out "characters" be given individual and unique skins and models?

I have a lot more questions before I get working on this thing but for the sake of coop multiplayer, these are the most relevant for starting a mod like this.

Thanks for anything in advance.

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Al-Cobra, in answer to your questions:

#1. No. The loadouts are class dependant. Instead, you would have to create different classes for that. You'd have to make a "Roadblock" class and could then determine which kits for that class. I'm not sure, but I don't think there is really a limit on the amount of classes you can create.

#2. Yes, you can do quite a bit with the character skins. You would do better asking Bretzzies about that though - he knows how to and is good at it.

Good luck.

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