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Practise Missions for the Final M3

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Good evening GR fans, since we still have a few day's before M3, why not try some serious TEAM (zero spawn of course) practise on these missions. Two of the files can downloaded from gr.net, and they are:

Global Conflict 6.8mb


Caribbean Missile Crisis Map (CMC) 30.6mb


[Removed, pls don`t post this mod here]

order of mods : ds/it/sk2 rapid strike/global conflict/cmc

Mission lighty_01 Lying Tiger (the lodge) *SK* SpecOps Kit 2, Note: You really have to be careful when using this kit, the hecate II sniper brings em running for you, it's quite exciting to see tango's encrouching your position like that (have to be in a proper frame of mind for this one, ie. do not be in a bad mood before you take on this mission lol). I only used rocket launcher on tanks etc and once on lodge. This map was very difficult with zero spawn, using any wep.

Mission lighty_02 Cunning Jackal (the mountain) A Demo Expert Kit 38, Note: This one seems easy at first then it bites, the end is especially cruel, ouch.

Mission lighty_03 Silent Komodo (mountain stronghold) *SK* TacOps Kit 1 (although kit 2 would be a blast). Note: This mission was brutal, try and follow the order of play. Find the informant before beginning hostilities.

Mission lighty_04 Jebel Moon is reserved for more peeps than sp.

Mission lighty_05 Waking Dragon (caribbean missile crisis ) A Demo Expert Kit 38, Note: I thought this mission might be impossible. Going good then all of a sudden WHAM, start over, and i didn't know where it came from, grr. Be prepared for mental exaustion here, and remember it's not your computer's fault or (yer mouse for that matter). Careful, because you may lose some sleep over these dam excruciating missions, -ozz

P.S. For those lost SP souls out there, you may be thinking, "well this doesn't seem so tough", ya right! These missions are brutal, wanna get in a bad mood? Just try any of these missions in SP with zero spawn.

Global Conflict - v 1.0 - by Lightspeed 2006.

Tinker (big help), Rocky (for advice and GR.Net of course);Thales_100 (big help)

hmm, it looks like the usual suspects once again had a hand in this mod :thumbsup:

and yes i almost forgot, you teams out there ahead of me and renegade in this most glorious GR tourney, try not to break a leg on M3, :shifty:

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