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Sniper Siege


Version : Beta2

Author : 10mm Auto

Requires : Desert Siege

Type : Custom map with single sniper based mission.


Demo guy and his latest victim


This is quite a large map that takes a while to cross, it took me 36 minutes once I had finally beat it. Each of the three main areas of the map are quite similar desert scenes with the occasional sentry tower and not much else. There are a few buildings around the map, each one is the same. The textures are pretty plain, and some of the objects didn't seem to have any texture at all making this map look very much like it's running on a game of Ghost Recon's adavanced years.

However, the actual design is pretty good, and the mission leads the players from one area to the next quite well, offering some cool sniping opportunities for sharp eyed shooters. So although the actual visuals could be described as a bit bland, the layout has obviously been thought about carefully and makes for an enjoyable mission... talking of which...


There are four objectives, a demo charge needs set to take out the power supplies, all vehicles (including two tanks) are to be destroyed, rebels leaders need taken out, and the bridge is to be secured.

What I really liked about this mission is that the player gets a little of everything, but it all works, and you do need to take a good team. I settled for two snipers, one demo guy, one anti tank guy, and a couple of riflemen in support.

In the opening phase your sniping skills will be tested in order to clear the bridge, later on your fire fighting assualt skills will be severely tested and along the way you'll need to take out a couple of tanks and do some room clearing.

It's very enjoyable, most certainly challenging and well thought out. I like the way the the variety in objectings and clever scripting made sure that the players had to think how he was going to use his AI team to the best effect.


Assualt team getting ready to take the bridge.


There were no issues at all with the scripting that I came across, but the map had a few glitches, one is a show stopper. Nearing the final area there is a bunker off to the west up on a ridge that is perfect for taking out the last tank. Unfortunately, if you hug the rock face, you might find, as I did, that you cannot get back down, and if it's your last man, like it was for me - it means restarting the mission.

There were a couple of times I clipped through other vertical faces, so there are some issues there to watch out for.


This is a really enjoyable and challenging mission that once complete will have seen you do some nice sniping as well as intense firefights. You could probably avoid the firefights if you bring extra sniper ammo and do it all long range, but certainly when I played it a few times, I always seemed to end up in a firefight!

Quicksaving was used quite a lot so the difficulty is probably pitched quite high, but not impossible by any means.

So in summary, the map is nothing spectacular, but the mission alone makes this a mod well worth downloading.

Final Score is 8/10

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