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Tactical Char Animation

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Tactical Char Anim - FileFront Link

Not sure where to post this. It isn't for any game or mod, though it does use the GRAW soldier body and my equipment since that's what I had rigged up. I suppose if I do anymore for GRAW it could be an intro, but mainly it's just something different and fun for me to work on. Doesn't really fall under any specific topic but I thought the people here might enjoy it. I tweaked their uniforms to be less gold and more subtle.

It's not fully rendered or comped yet, but I kind of like showing it in mixed format: openGL + comps. Some of the shots are kind of unfinished, but I'm not sure how much more I'll work on them. Never was happy with the first shot, but ah well.

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Nice animation mate, in which program did you created it? Looks awesome))))))

Thanks, glad you like it. I use Maya for the 3d and animation, AfterFx for the compositing.

And now for the BFS version:

Shorter...but with music - FileFront Link

I thought I should throw a little BFS flavor in there, kind of like a promo/logo reveal type thing with disclaimers to boot, since I posted this on their forums too. I really like their BFS color scheme and it kind of matches the multicam I toned down from gold to brown.

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