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Ubi looking at a Tom Clancy MMO game

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Ubisoft management held a conference call to discuss yesterdays announcement of Ubisoft buying the Tom Clancy name, and during it, the CEO Yves Guillemot revealed some future plans

"On the MMO, the investment is generally high, so you need to maximize the revenue and with the royalties we had, it was another barrier not to create the game, because the return on investment was diminished by that"

"Having no royalties, it's going to help us to have a full return, so we are ready and decide now to go for an MMO on the Clancy name, which is big, because you have on one side Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher, the Rainbow the GRAW and all the other new creations that we have. So this will make that product really big product."

"We have the technology to create MMOs, and we have lots of our games that are on the Clancy franchise that are already multiplayer"

"So to create an MMO, we need to have larger teams to actually spend the time and to create it. So it's more a question of decisions and teams, and now ,because we have the know-how so we can go for it now."

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Yes you too can play the role of a virtual Tom Clancy and race to the top of the bestseller chart and maximise your gold income by selling your name to the highest bidder who will slowly decrease the worth of your name with mediocre titles that get gradually worse.... hang on thats not an mmorpg :blink:

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