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I noticed today that Sparrows had made a nest in a hole in the wall of my nabours house. I took these shots with my EOS 550D tied to the top of a set of step ladders after i set the camera i then attached a 6 meter USB lead to from it to my lap top and used the remote shooting software. Its pretty good you can ajust almost everything from the PC I took @ 25 shots over the space of 15mins and only 4 were out of focus. The only problem with it is it eats the standard battery on the camera, If i was going to use it again i would buy a battery pack or a mains lead for it.



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TBH i dont know if it works with all cameras. the software for it came on the canon utility disc, there is also software for the Olympus E330 my other camer but i have never tryed that one so i dont know how much control it would have. A quick scan throught the canon manual suggests there is also a time laps function in the remote shooting software, i may try that this week


***** EDIT *****

I just found this, i know the add isnot relevant to your part of the world, but it must be out here somewere

Nikon Remote Shooting

****EDIT EDIT *****

looks like you have to purchase remote shooting software for the Nikon were as its free for Canon users :huh:

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Yes its a great way to get close to wildlife after i set the camera up i drapped an old combat jacket over it and the top of the ladder, but these type of birds are pritty used to people so it didn'tt take long for them to start flying back and forth again. :thumbsup:

Not quite as good as the other shots but shows the female just coming out from the nest


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