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sorry for those who already ate :D, this was at Phillip's @ Inner Harbor ... good atmosphere....2nd best crab cake ... Obryckis' was the best ... I already ated before taking pics :whistle:


Exposure 0.04 sec (1/25)

Aperture f/2.5

Focal Length 35.6 mm

ISO Speed 1600 <--- yeah I know, I forgot it was still on Aquarium setting:shakes:

will retouch the noise in PS :rolleyes:

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Late to the party but what the heck!

Crab? Looks more like a small lobster or large crayfish to me.

And some camera photos just for good measure, photo thread afterall. Going to have a stab at it with the DSLR later but with the lack of a macro lens it could be alittle tricky.

Newly bought cactus from my growing collection.


Not 100% open yet but I have high hopes for what tomorrow will bring. :thumbsup:

Edit: it got some 20 or so minutes of direct sunlight late in the afternoon and opened fully. So I dragged out the DSLR and took some new photos. :devil:



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Can't really take credit for it though, it was bought from the nursery with a huge flowerbud already present.

And I did use a tripod for those pics, forgot to turn the ISO over from Auto though so it took the photos at ISO 400...making them somewhat grainy. Was late in the afternoon and the sun had alreadystarted setting. To late to rectify now though as that flower already has started closing up and dying off, got one coming on another cactus though so I'll experiment more with that one.

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My one flower can't beat the neighbours showoff though, got one massive cactus growing from a tree in the backyard and it went into full bloom last night. 10 flowers altogether and all of them a good 8 to 10 inches across. Just a shame they are nightflowering and I couldn't get a proper shot of them fully open in the dark.


And one of my littelies was also showing off with some flowers today, lots of buds but sofar only one has opened.


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Nothing fancy here, just a comparison from a month and a half ago and today.





Poor thing is getting near pulled over by it's own weight right now, to the point it's starting to form a kink in the stem. Might just have to take a knife to it in order to lessen the weight.

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Last buds and flowers of the season, just hoping I'll have enough sunny days left for these to come out properly. Went from pouring rain and 20degrees yesterday to sunshine and 32degrees today. lol


All bar the last one has been bought with buds or flowers so I can't take the credit for them. It's all up to me to make it happen again next season :?

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