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Ubisoft done making realistic shooters?

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Sorry if this isn't the place for this topic, but I couldn't find a forum topic suitable for this.

So I figured I'd post in the forum that's most read.

I was reading an article and this group was holding an interview with Ubisoft, asking them a bunch of questions.

One of the questions was:

lavalant asks: I'm a longtime fan of the old Ghost Recon 1 games on Xbox 1 and PC, mainly becuase they were more realistic, with one-hit kills, no recharging health-bars and massive levels. The newer Ubisoft shooters seem geared towards a mass market. Are there any plans to release or re-release any of these old super-realistic shooters on next-gen consoles?

Great question, here's the response:

Phil Therien: I doubt we will ever go back to really hardcore only shooters. The market was too narrow for it to be a viable business choice. We would like to be able to please both sides but compromises have to be made. We have some ideas to improve on the situation though - keep in mind however that we want our games to be accessible to as many people as possible, otherwise we just couldn't keep making games.


Hopefully they'll continue to make games for the PC that's a bit more realistic over the console version (ie: GRAW).

But it doesn't look like it.

I hope it's not the end of the GR series on the PC.

They can throw in a 'realistic' mode in the games for the 'narrow' market, but do you think they will?

Read the whole article here if you want.

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