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GRAW2 Server Messages

Guest tay-uk

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Is there a way of having auto server messages appear in game on a dedicated server, or do you have to do it manually?

After a bit of this :hmm: and a bit of that :wacko: and a lot of this :wall: I have worked it out for myself, thanks for all the replies :angry:

Just add the following line in the Graw2 dedicted server settings xml file, which is in the settings folder, by opening using note pad or word pad.

<message_of_the_day_interval value="180"/>

The 180 is the time in seconds between the message appearing, so that can be changed to suit.

The you can have server rules, web site info etc appearing automatically during the game 0:)

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Nice one Tay

Think i might try that with the GD=_) server "no GL" ect,ect

boy do i no how this feels :wall: working with the dedi .exe

Do you no how to set the port for the SADS to 13139

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