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First Team has requested Training Mission!

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That's right Sniper Teams - I'm sure some of your are nervous - got the butterflies in the stomach going, adrenalin pumping...and if not yet......you will!!

You remember the good old days of GR - your pulse racing as you crept forward wondering what was around the next corner......

well, it's back and better then ever!!! :thumbsup:

I built these missions and have tweaked each of them too many times to remember - Thales and I have tested and retested and retested and retested!!! We have pushed things to the limit, tried to make it fresh, exciting and above all a challenge that can be surpassed with careful play.

And they still give us a rush everytime we go in.... :yes:

And Thales - what can I say about Thales? He's a ###### legend - it's the first time I've worked with him and he has proven himself a champion - without him this wouldn't have happened...period! He pushed me and inspired me to see this to the end and I'm glad cos I really think we nailed it. :thumbsup:

So it's been one hell of a wait, times when I thought we might never make it to the finishing line - but it's here and the time is now!!

Good Luck again everyone - but more importantly have a GR blast!!! :cheers:

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Please all teams download training mission here :


Then , after playing it, send us a .zip including replay and a .txt with your score to this email :


Than we will reply to the same email with a link for you to download mission 1 (3 maps).


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