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In-Game intels off?

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I know the game is old but I have a quick question. :)

When playing the single player game do most people turn off the in-game intels (IFF type diamond markers, highlights, etc...) This is done by holding "X" and selecting the diamond to toggle them on/off.

I found that once I could figure out how to turn them off, about 3-5 missions in to the game, I kept them off till the end playing on "Normal" difficulty. Was this what most people do, or is it considered "fair" to leave them on?

Thanks a lot for the advice. :)

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I got so accostumed to having the diamonds, I found myself relying on them. When I did accidently turn them off, I found myself frozen, paralyzed with fear of the unknown. I turned them back on and beat the game.

IIn multiplayer, I really enjoying turning IFF off, but I had no philosophical issue with using the "Advanced Warfighter" technology for the sake of the Single Player campaign.

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