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Files in "game_log" folder since patch 1.05 ?

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Ok, i just found that from the moment I patched GRAW2 (1.05), I am now saving files in my "game_log" folder of GRAW 2. The funny thing is, I never host any games, and for the life of me can't figure why it is saving "game logs" of all matches, etc. I've been in since the patch?

Is there a way to turn this off?

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Just noticed these, and there is sooo many of them.

Why do i I need this after playing in someones server?

00:59 New objective : Infiltrate the zone and remain there for a given time.

00:59 Objective updated Infiltrate the zone and remain there for a given time.

00:59 Choose your kit now. Spawn lock in: 60

00:59 Select team

00:59 COCO(All)> later

00:59 Shinobi_EBDA has left the game.

00:59 Selected class: Demolitions 7

00:59 g60fz has left the game.

00:59 tlg-rader(All)> wait

01:00 g60fz has joined the game.


01:00 kustomKILL has joined the game.


01:01 Clubber_EBDA(All)> thats spawn

01:01 =]REDNECK[=(All)> back off

01:01 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> do not shoot into spawn

01:01 =]REDNECK[=(All)> ass

01:01 ManBearPig_EBDA(All)> nicspits...thats spawn

01:01 Killed You were killed by Clubber_EBDA

01:01 ManBearPig_EBDA(All)> keep it up and you get a kick

01:01 tlg-rader(All)> what do

01:01 tlg-rader(All)> you

01:01 tlg-rader(All)> mean


01:02 nicspits(All)> crap, you're right, sorry

01:02 nicspits was kicked from the server.

01:02 nicspits has joined the game.

01:02 tlg-rader(All)> how do you do that


01:02 FOX_Ebda has left the game.

01:02 nicspits(All)> i didn't see the warning till i was dead man, my apologies

01:03 hongo3000 has left the game.

01:03 ARGE_EBDA(All)> yes i was very happy

01:04 =]REDNECK[=(All)> bob u ass

01:04 SNIP3R(All)> dang dang dang!!

01:04 =]REDNECK[= was kicked from the server.

01:04 kwest317 was kicked from the server.


01:04 knuckles was kicked from the server.

01:04 =]REDNECK[= has joined the game.

01:04 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> kick COC

01:04 COCO was kicked from the server.

01:04 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> enter the spawn and you will be kicked

01:05 tlg-rader(All)> which spawn

01:05 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> dont be a smartass

01:05 =]REDNECK[= has left the game.

01:05 tlg-rader(All)> im not im not

01:05 BO-67_EBDA has joined the game.


01:05 BOB(All)> dont say bad languge

01:06 COCO has joined the game.

01:06 tlg-rader(All)> i dont knw

01:06 knuckles has joined the game.

01:06 tlg-rader(All)> how to kill

01:07 FOX_Ebda has joined the game.

01:07 BOB(All)> rookie

01:07 tlg-rader(All)> you guys are natuler

01:07 kustomKILL has left the game.

01:07 COCO(All)> why was Ikicked

01:08 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> you were in their spawn

01:08 codename48(All)> spawn camp

01:08 COCO(All)> sry I was just following

01:08 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> may spawn camp, you may not enter or shoot into or out of spawn

01:08 Redneck_Bob_EBDA(All)> you

01:08 COCO(All)> Ididn't know

01:08 Zone is breached We are inside the zone!

01:08 33

01:08 32

01:08 31

01:08 30

01:08 29

01:08 28

01:08 27

01:08 26

01:08 25

01:08 24

01:08 23

01:08 knuckles has left the game.

01:08 ManBearPig_EBDA(All)> he means...you may NOT spawn camp

01:08 22

Has anyone been able to find the code to stop this?

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I think this is our "poor man's" Replay system..... :blink:

I`m betting the chat may get a little cleaner, if you understand, we all get a copy of it. Every game.




I`m looking through a few now! Unbelievable what some peeps type in game.


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