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Using PC as a Surveillance system?


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Does anyone have any experience of using their PC as a Surveillance system?

I need to set something up to monitor my garden for a few days.

I have this PC (obviously) in the living room, a usb camera with a webcam feature, and also a wireless network. The area I need the camera pointing at is at the opposite end of the house, outside, and during daylight hours only.

What are my (low cost) options? Any ideas?

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Have a read of this and see if it helps


Okay I have tried this one out so far, it needs tweaked as I haven't quite got it figured out, but it is capturing, that's for sure.

The difficulty is placement, the camera needs sited in a different room, is there such a thing as a 21 metres USB extender? :ermm:

I'll try those other links out later too - thanks for the tips guys.

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Dont think there is but you could get a network camera, just a big long network cable connected to a camera that has an ip address, not sure how much they cost but I know me mate uses them at his school to monitor classrooms.

There you go, you can even get a wireless one


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Very cool.

Guess what though, I was just looking for some paperwork and came across March edition of PC Pro under the stairs - the front cover's leading story?

CCTV for FREE - Secure your home with your PC in under an hour.

LOL. A quick scan reveals that the article mentions most of the above tips! Including a IP camera walkthrough :thumbsup:

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Man... i want one of these camera's


(From the article i posted.)

Wireless, does audio, and can zoom, and tilt / rotate remotely.

Also will e-mail you screen captures of motion detected.

Check out the features....


Pricey though but it should be for what it has... as it's not sold as a "web" cam.

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I'll pass mate, dogs doing their dailies on their lawn isnt really my bag baby yeah!

Too late, you've sewn the seed. I'm going to post it, once I catch the blighter, then I might even post the sequel where I scoop the crap up, put it all in a poly bag, then hand deliver it back to the dogs owner. :thumbsup:

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