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Server Specs?

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I'm trying to host a 26 client server but heres my problem. How good does the server's processor have to be to host for this game? I tried hosting on my old 2.4ghz P4 and with just a few clients it maxed cpu usage! Also what are the bandwidth requirements? I have about 1.3 Mbps upload and if thats not good enough then all I have to say is what the hell where the devs thinking? I can host a 32 client CS:S server with that same P4 and this bandwidth so I hope I'm doing something wrong...

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First off, the server is going to peg a single core cpu at or near 100%. That has been an "issue" with the dedicated server since GRAW1. If you have multiple cores or you have a Intel Hyperthreading compatible CPU that can appear to be 2 cores then you would see the load balanced a bit more over the cpus (virtual cpus as is the case with Hyperthreading). Also be aware it takes very high priority on other system resources like disk access and memory usage. So don't try to run anything else on the box unless you have alot of memory and it doesn't require a lot of hard disk usage.

1.3 upload is probably ok but you need to try it and see. If you are using a home connection and not a connection with guraranteed bandwidth like a T1 or something business class, you most likely are NOT getting that upstream speed. Also consider that your performance isn't going to be limited by just the bandwidth. Your CPU might also be a bottle neck. I would suggest starting with 16 players and upping the size until you find lag and performance issues.

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I am running GRAW1 and 2 consequitively on a P4 3Ghz with 2GB Ram. 12 players in each and runs fine but this is on a 2MB Up and down Business line .

GRAW1 always maxes CPU to 100% and GRAW2 does when even 2 people join. So I wouldnt be to concerned over CPU usaged stats.

Also depends on the map, a lot of custom maps with extra explosion (ie physics to calculate, flying objects, helicopters, tansk exploding, etc) will increase load.

2.4ghz P4 should be plenty for hosting a 24 player game, is this a seperate PC to one you playing game on, as this is a factor also. I am estimating 2.4 Ghz is ok for hosting, not hosting and playing client.

Main thing to watch or adjust is the network speed which is in folder:

C:\Program Files\ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings

Look for line:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<game_info admin_password="xxxxxx" internet_server="true" internet_speed="512">

This figure is supposed to relate to your upstream but it is an estiamte of the calculation the server will make there the amount of info it will communicate to clients.

You are on a 1.4 Upload but try starting with 512 and then 1024..

Good luck with it..

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