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connecting problem (i think)

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hey guys, ive gotten back into graw2 and have been playing it for the past week or so just fine on the lethal brigade server (=LB=). but as of today the =LB= server does not have anybody on. also when i try to connect to any other server it loads up, then it goes to the waiting for server screen but the tips window is still up, and i am not able to move my mouse, after i wait for a while a "connection has timed out" error comes up. is this a problem on my end or is it going on with anybody else, OR is it something with the server? any help is appreciated :)

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I have had the same problem with GRAW2 and GameSpy, first I belived it was my firewall that was messed up but that was not the case this time. Times like this it would be great if the game could work through direct-IP ant not be depending on Gamespy for same MP game in the future.

Pardon my bad spelling, I am from Sweden and like this site very much.

Best regaard..

No Fears

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Wow this brings relief... I couldn't figure out why I couldn't connect to my new server today. I thought maybe I needed 2 cd-keys or something because I was getting this connection problem. I came on here to find any information on that and I come across this thread and it seems like you guys are having the same troubles. Saved me some gas money. :P

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