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Politics and Culture in the Vietnam War Era


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Hola! :zorro:

Frustratingly, I have to do a module on US history. I say frustratingly because I know nothing about US history. So I chose the Vietnam module without really thinking it through, I thought Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now pretty much covered the Vietnam era, but surprisingly, they don't! :P

The other bad part of the module is that we have to formulate our own assignment (2,500 words), which is particularly bad for me as I know nothing about the US in the 1960s. Understanding that gr.net houses some of the most talented, gifted and intellectual members of US society today, I thought it would be a good idea to ask on here about potential research topics. It can't be a massive project (like the entire Anti-war movement, for example) but it has to have a fair bit of debate surrounding it, something I can get my teeth into. I was looking along the lines of Pro Vietnam War protestors but there doesn't seem to be much literature on the subject, let alone debate.

Any ideas? :)

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

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Understanding that gr.net houses some of the most talented, gifted and intellectual members of US society today

Well... why didn't you just PM me directly? Ahahahaha :hehe: hahaha :) haha :mellow: ha? :unsure:

Ok, since I'm the only one laughing...


Can you do it on "The Public and Fighting a Counter-Insurgency War" ?

Ohh.... some fun parallels there.

You could do it on "The Peace, Love and Happiness Movement" i.e. The Hippies and Protesting the Vietnam War

Or you could do it on the Politics of the cause of the war... "The French Getting Their Asses Whipped, and the US coming in to save the day to stop Communism!"

How about "The Domino Theory" that's cool. Covers the whole cold war and a lot of other US International Relations

Hmmn... tell me what you think of those, and if you don't like any, or they don't fit, I can probably come up with some more. :)

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Haha, I thought some much needed compliments were in order if I was to get some assistance! :lol:

Thanks for the suggestions Ruin. :thumbsup: I think I've settled on the 'White Backlash' as there is plenty of books in the University and a fair scope for debate and discussion. :) I have a feeling a lot of my course will be doing the Civil Rights and Black Power, so hopefully I'll be covering the other side of the coin in detail that most will neglect.

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Sounds like a great idea. Are you going to cover the White Backlash as the anti-desegregation movement, or the anti-war movement... or both?

Probably just domestic issues like segregation, schooling, busing, work related discrimination etc. Its amazing how most Civil Rights monographs don't even pick up upon white resistance to enfranchising blacks and books that take a larger scope (America in the 60s etc.) only mention the 'White Backlash' in passing. There are only a handful of books that go into detail on postwar white working-class politics. Origins of the Urban Crisis, Behind The Backlash are probably the best I've found thus far. :)

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