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1st game ever to use Google mapper


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Eightdays revealed to public in March


- It has a new name... No I do not know it.. but it's not going to be called Eight days no more.

- It is not going to be a digital distributed game as previously thought. I.E. 1 day is a chapter released over a set period of time on the PSN. They might do this, but they have a full retail version.

- The release date is set for October of 08

- The game takes place across 8 different states and 8 days.

- You play as 1 of 2 characters... both have their own story line and both have their own abilities and specialties and what not. 1 character is a bad guy... The other a good guy. The bad guy is out for revenge on his former mob team who left him out to dry and the other is a detective who's son has been kidnapped by the mod syndicate. The two join up to get revenge or what ever.

- The animation system is like nothing you've ever seen. It even rivals that of Uncharted if you go off the dev's.

- It'll be the 1st game to ever implement Google mapper into it's core mechanics.

- The game has real time day to night. If you play at night, the game will be set at night. If you play in the day... It'll be played in the day. So forth and so on.

- The game pushes you on instead of back... The game is so expansive that you literally have no time to go back. It's all forward and you'll never revist a location. You're constantly on the move. That doesn't mean you can't go back the way you came, it just means you're better off going on your way as time and meeting new people is crucial and setting up new events leads to your ultimate goal.

for instance, if you miss a contact in "said" location and town... you'll have to try and catch up to them before its too late.

They said... Think of it as an action move. A non stop ride from start to finish. We want you always moving and going and not expecting what's next.


I've got some more to post about it so I'll come back to it but I really wanted to post this info so there ya go. Look for the offical statement in the coming weeks... I'm so jacked about this game, even more than I was.

This is going to be the defining game for the Ps3 and next gen gaming as a whole... WOW!

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There are utilities that allow for Google Earth to be used in conjuntion with MS Flight Simulator 2004. They allow you to track your flights across the world.

For console gamers is a pretty cool thing to be able to use something similar from the sounds of things with it being built into the game.

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