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Making a movie of your mission ?

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I fancy putting together a movie based on the saved replay from a mission - what is the easiest way to do this?

What I'd like to do is get the footage of teh Replay sequences and transfer them somehow either into QuickTime or AVI format so I can edit the footage in a video editing program (and add soundtrack, etc)...

Anyone any experience of doing this?

Thanks - CR

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I don`t think you can open a replay with such software. Fraps / Hypercam, both can record while you are watching, both have a free limited version.

Record it. Then edit it and add sound files in Windows Movie Maker if you have. Is just as good as anything else, until you get familiar with what you are doing.

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I started uploading some of the old Ghost Recon 1 movies again, you can find them here: http://hosted.filefront.com/TheAlliance

If you want to see something cool i'd say you should download cd_donequick.zip (GR.net topic here.) or FeeltheRage.rar info page

I still need to upload some of the bigger once like SDmovie, BR movie, BPR movie and some others. But when i'm done uploading i'll update my old Overview of all GR1 fragmovies topic with the new links again.

All those movies were captured by Fraps (video capturing tool) and most of the videos were editted in Sony Vegas, but i suppose Windows Movie Maker will do if you want to keep things easy for now. Sony Vegas requires you to look into it a bit before you learn the program, but everyone i know that made some (frag)movies for Ghost Recon managed to work with it.

I made a little tutorial in 2004 for people interested in making movies, well.. have a look at what's usefull and what's not. Here's the link: GR.net thread about SDMovie and also the tutorial.

Recording a mission, well.. I assume it's like 15 minutes long and you probably want to film different angles, you should make sure you have minimum of about 10 gb free on your hard drive and if you're really into it and capture a lot of video then keep an eye on your harddrive space. Before you know it your HD is completely full :) Happened to me once, but i was using a 37 or 80 gb HD at the time (well, still using that PC :D)

After you captured all video with Fraps (I used a smaller resolution in 2004/2005, 800x600 or 1024x768 seems pretty alright nowadays) then you have to compress your movie to a divx/xvid movie, it's like the mp3 for videofiles. The captured video is raw avi, it consists of raw bmp's and if you convert/compress it to divx or some other videocodec then the size will decrease A LOT, it's probably only 10% of the size it was before you compressed it .

If you manage to make something and you need some place to upload it, try Filefront.com (your downloads will disappear after some time of inactivity, but you get some warnings first)

Anyway, getting late here. 03:17 in the morning. Bedtime :)

- Ben

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