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Weapon suggestion (AK-74) ?


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Also being interested in this, I sent him an email, I'll let you know if I get a reply.

Ok sounds good.

Thanks for the replies guys, hopefully something can be worked out. Considering I'v only bought this game 2 days ago and know nothing about it, I wouldnt be much good for porting it over.

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Isn't that the demo mockup weapon released with GRAW1 as a modding example, which then got exported into the game?

I don't rightly know, as I am only new to the GR:AW2 modding scene, and I don't own GR:AW1.

Tyockell18, I'd suggest looking at Brettzie's weapon pack or SnowFella's Magpul Masadas if youre in the market for some decent weapons.


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