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New OGR Map: Thinning_the_Herd


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If you like fireworks in low light, this is the map for you. Some C4 (just for the hell of it - not attached to any objective), a slew of panhards, a tank, and plenty of cisterns filled with fuel are spread across this map that started out as Shanty Town TDM, but has very little of that map left in it.

There are enough AI to keep even the respawners happy, but with some patience a good team can pick a route and work to zulu on single death. Just don't run all over the place, because you'll spawn all hell and they'll definitely get you.

The AI is all guerilla class - dumbest of the soldiers in the game, but they do get lucky at times or win by sheer numbers.

Map was tested extensively - this is to be considered the final release:

Thinning_the_Herd 2-23-2008

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