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Map strategy dicussion

Solid Snacks

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i've been searching around for dicussion regarding map tactics and figured i'd start this thread.

i'm pretty open to anything discussed like: hiding beneath trees, inside of bushes, behind rocks and/or similarly impenetrable surfaces ie; am/fm radios, wagon wheels, palm fronds. And also the use of team tactics, how they are employed and how you co-ordinate with team members.

referencing map overheads might be a bit confusing but it could help when discussing particular plans and operations in game.

if you have any bright ideas let me hear 'em.

it struck me after starting this thread, that like chess---many games have an opening move performed by each side, and that there is a response that is meant to counter this. if this analog gives you ideas to contribute then so be it.

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Interesting Idea.

Usually, on a given ADVERSARIAL map, the teams both attempt to lockdown "choke-points" with respect to their given spawn. For instance, on HQ, Yellow usually attempts to dominate the field of play from 2 positions: Behind the pickup and behind the sandbags. Because Blue has to cross the field of vision of these two spots in order to flank or assault, Yellow can usually play defense from there and win. It also allows yellow access to the motor pool while denying it to Blue. Blue on the other hand has a bit of a tough battle, it seems, though if they can beat yellow back to the spawn they can hold it very easily.

Likewise, on Riverbank, the winning and losing usually occurs on the upper level chokepoint. Snipers from both teams attempt to hold it, and in my experience, Blue can more easily keep it under control.

The interesting thing to watch is that when one team has built a dominating position, the other team routinely attempts to remove them despite the cost in life. In a TSS match, that is fully stupid, in my opinion. If one team has a truly dominant position, back off and create your own chokepoint further back. The risk is getting spawned camped, but the other team's impatience seems more than likely to be an ally to you in that situation.

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A lot of truth to removing established positions. I myself get stubborn and will fall into that trap. :wall:

yeah, it usually takes me 3 head shots by the same guy to realize, "They're entrenched, I'm screwed!" Then I usually waste another 3 "lives" trying to beat them with my video game skill....

But without team work, and especially without explosives, it is very difficult to remove a strong position, which is why teams race to hold them.

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I've tried so many times to see if I can counteract there defensive positions by myself on several maps (and usually there are about 3 guys on the other team) and there are maybe a couple chances I took there positions and the others all failures because of my weakness to use on the spot by-myself tactics.

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Honestly, the problem is that most hosts remove explosives and so the only way to combat a well defended position is removed. There is no way to sneak up on them because of the draw distance on the grass, so crawling doesn't work. Smoke works if appropriately applied, but the best defended positions are not susceptible to smoke due to defenders covering multiple angles.

Its not your tactics.

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Well other than my tactics it's of course the grounds and how my equipment is capable of functioning on those grounds so really my tactics is just the small problem.

Back to your original topic:

Hiding is a good tactic to employ if done well. There are some spots that are typically used, making them poor hiding spots. But hiding in an unexpected location could work very well. Don't plan on staying there the entire game unless you are VERY quick on the trigger.

Communication is key in the team setting, both on Co-Op and Adversarial game types. The two most valuable tools in assisting communication are:

  • Waypoints
  • Cardinal Directions

Using Map Coordinates can work, but is a bit harder to figure, unless the team knows the map well. If you brief your team ahead of time with coordinates (I will need fire support from E5, aiming East), perhaps they can follow that up with "E5 secure, in position" when they've locked it down. Really it can be a fun way to play, but its rare to find guys that organize teams and objectives like that.

Overall, the most important communication is in regards to your position, the enemies position, and where you're going. Using waypoints combined with the compass directions is the quickest and most complete way of getting those bits of information across.

Finally, the best team-tactic that is rarely employed is to provide backup to a position. If 3 guys are attempting to hold an area, two should be in position to cover the angles/flanks, and the third should be ready to take position when one falls. Usually in the kill-hungry TSS game, people will not stay back and risk finishing with no kills. But that type of teamwork would really assist a win.

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