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Beta patch 2.315

Pave Low

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Building it now. It will be live shortly:

v2.315 02/15/2008


- Fixed some bugs with tab gleaming.

- Resolved the issue where a win was awarded to the wrong faction.

- Updated notifications.


- Fixed an animation bug. Sometimes animations would not be updated.


- Fixed recharge timer on sector artillery. Recharge timer and duration were not matching.

- Fixed a bug where British Mortars would not leave overwatch or counterbattery mode when killed and taken over by enemy troops.

- Fixed missing Panzer Elite Munitions Halftrack minelaying ability.

- Wehrmacht Sniper build time reduced by 10s to 50s

- Wehrmacht Officer build time reduced from 60s to 45s

- Panzer Elite Light AT Halftrack treadbreaker range increased from 36m to 42m

- Fallschirmjager reinforce cost reduced from 45 to 37

- Fallschirmjager veterancy values reduced from 12/26/40 to 8/24/38. Fallschirmjager

will gain veterancy more quickly.

- US Bazooka penetration reduced vs Panzer Elite Hetzer front armour. Rear penetration modifier increased marginally.

- US Calliope Rocket FOW scatter multipliers reduced. The Rockets will be slightly more concentrated when firing into the FOW.

- US Calliope Rocket barrage recharge increased by 5s

- Panzer Elite Wirbelwind Accuracy vs airplane targets increased.

- British Vickers HMG emplacement weapon range increased by 5m

- British Vickers HMG emplacement sight radius increased by 5m

- Mortar damage vs US and Wehrmacht Observation Posts and Vickers HMG emplacements reduced.

- Infantry AT weapon damage vs US and Wehrmacht Observation Posts and Vickers emplacements reduced marginally.

- British Command Tank veterancy values increased from 14/28/42 to 24/48/72.

- British Cromwell Flank Speed ability increased in cost from 25 to 35mun.

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The game still have a few major flaws.

The British Stuart light tank is rubbish against axis light vesicles. It's damage or accuracy has to be increased if it's going to do any good IMO.

Right now the British has nothing to counter the Puma. Piat-squads can't get near it because they get killed in two bursts. The Stuart light tank do hardly any damage so if you are up against two pumas with one Stuart, then you're basically doomed. If you're up against a Puma with an upgraded gun then you're definitely doomed :P

Another fix should be the British AT gun. It's not crucial, but I would like to be able to actually aim the damn thing. Right now it shoot at the nearest target. So if a halftrack is closer to it than a Tiger, it will shoot at the halftrack... and that's annoying since the Tiger is obviously a greater threat. I pay 25 fuel for it, and loosing my ability to aim and move it is not worth the increased range IMO. Let me aim, please!

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