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Ideas for another GR Game...

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I've only played GRAW and GRAW 2, but with my playtime with other tactical shooters and reading magazines, I decided on some things that would be nice for GRAW 3 (If anyone ever buys it. I doubt it will happen with EndWar coming around <_< )

First, I would like to see more weapons be able to penetrate effectively AND have Thermal Vision added to the game. This would add a new layer of tactical thinking to the game. Plus it would be pretty cool to blast a guy through the floorboard of a building :P .

Next I would like to have a customization menu where you could decide what you looked like. Choose from multiple uniforms, hats, glasses, skin tone, facial hair, everything. It wouldn't really help the series be more tactical, but it would be cool to have.

Though it also most likely will not happen, Interior combat and destructible enviroments would help make the game more intense, tactical, and cool. If you run into an enemy stronghold, rather than going inside and fighting you could place C-4 on the supports and blow them sky-high!

Everyone of course wants larger maps, no narcom, and more ways to beat a mission. I want that, plus randomized enemy positions. You might run into a tank or Helicopter that wasn't in the mission the first time you played it.

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Well it's been discussed an aweful lot, probably why no replies yet. I have a difficult time discussing this topic without going ballistic, so I'll just say that my only desire is to see and end to the advanced warfighter concept and get back to the tension filled scenarios and gameplay that GR offered to begin with, i.e. small unit low profile infiltration. I'll worry about all the detailed issues like the very good ones you mentioned after the core gameplay is fixed.

I know this is a boring response, but in my opinion that is THE number one priority in a future release. On one hand it's probably a total waste of time discussing the game's overall direction, yet on the other hand it seems like a waste of time discussing details if the gameplay is fubar. :blink:

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Honestly, I could care less but, wouldn't thermal vision be more realistic?

I'd rather just stick with the standard view and night vision. Thermal I could understand (to a certain extent) in maybe a Rainbow Six game (anti-terrorism unit rather than military unit) or Splinter Cell (espionage kind of thing). There's so much I would like to see, and to be honest most of it was put in perfectly in ArmA. Problem with that game is it's buggy, performance is iffy at best, and it can be overly complicated.

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