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Question about the Editor


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It all depends on how much you need to use it. Seen as this is in the mission topics....

For a firefight, open 1 of BSR_Vhladd nice maps that are all closed off already :shifty: , quickly add zones and so many patrols.

Editor finished with! Add ai_grid, add script from another firefight and compile to play.

But the editor is not easy at first to use. Lot`s of crashes, get`s you into the habit of saving after each addition to your map. Any editor issues still remaining are not going to get fixed now i guess also. After a few plays with it, you become familiar with which areas tend to make the crashes happen more, and avoid as best possible.

It can become tedious and frustrating to have to keep reloading the editor, best to keep it simple and do all the name changing in XML afters.


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