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Indiana Jones Trailer


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Yeah, I can't wait to catch this one too.

Who here is betting that if this film grosses half a billion dollars that we will see Indy V and VI?

There's rife speculation on the Internet that Lucas/Spielberg are setting LaBeouf up to helm another trilogy of Indy movies.


Also, anyone here pick up those Young Indy DVD sets? I caught the first few episodes when they originally aired and glad they finally came out on DVD for fans.

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Considering this is the 5th time Harrison Ford has strapped on the whip he is looking pretty good. Supposedly he mentioned putting a line in the film that relates to the first move where he told Karen Allen, "It ain't the years, it's the mileage." Now he gets to say "It ain't the mileage, it's the years." Ford said he didn't know if it would make it into the final cut or not. Either way this is set to make a pile of cash. I am just waiting until the eventual Paramount roll over to Bluray to pickup a box set.

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