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Realism Question

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I was curious in real life does the bullet travel faster than the sound or vice-versa. In the original GRAW, one of the hints said if you learned the sound of incoming fire, you could dive and not get hit. How realistic is this?

In RL the bullet travels faster than the sound of it. I've been down range of incoming fire and the first thing you hear is the zing of the bullet as it passes and then the the sound of gunfire from a distance. The closer you are to the source the less time between the two.

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Weight affects recoil because the more weight you carry the more unstable you become. Unfortunately the game can't allow for individual factors and so aims for a single fit standard that you would expect an individual in this position to be in.

And as to your other question Nutlink got it correct, if you hear the sound of bullets whizzing past you take cover. It the one you don't hear you have to worry about.

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