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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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earbox Software knows a thing or two about soldiering—its Brothers in Arms games have even been used to recreate key World War II battles on the History Channel. With those kind of qualifications, it seems like they’d be the perfect developer to tackle a game about Marines. Make that United States Colonial Marines. You got it—Aliens: Colonial Marines is invading consoles and PCs in 2009. We have a world-exclusive first look at the squad-based FPS, which aims to recapture the tension and desperation of the earlier films. Check out the first-ever screens of the game in action. If that’s not enough, we have the first look at Cryptic Studios’ latest superhero MMO, Champions Online. The City of Heroes developers are taking on PCs and consoles, too, letting us all unleash our inner heroes—or villains. We also take Red Faction: Guerrilla apart, getting an in-depth look at the game’s amazing destructible environments. Read about these games and much, much more in the new issue of Game Informer—the first place you’ll see God of War: Chains of Olympus reviewed.


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