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Invalid CD-Key


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Scoured the forums here, and there were plenty of posts about this but no solutions.

If you try Multiplayer Co-Operative it sometimes kicks joining players and reports an invalid cd-key.

This generally only happens with the original 4 man co-op, joining other gametypes appears to be ok.

I read and tried the suggested upgrade of DVD drive Firmware option....& the [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch....saw nothing relating to anti-cheat option, so don't know what that meant.....


HAMACHI (google it :) It created a connection between two PC's over the net and players could then join a virtual LAN party...and it works a treat !!

Probably the best of it was I could use my original game name (not the one you had to make up thanks to GRAW & GameSpy).....

one bonus to having to solve this annoyance is I can now dig out all those old games that had only LAN co-op and play them on-line.... *WHOOT!*.....

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