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Ed Gein


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Okay I'm sure not everybody here recognizes the name Ed Gein but if you kow who Norman Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill are then you know a bit about Ed Gein already. I first became interested in Gein when reading about him in a book about American serial killers(lets just say I wasn't the most normal high school student) A few killers such as Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, and John Wayne Gacy caught my attention but none of them as much as Ed Gein. I did a history report on Ted Bundy but that's only because some dude was browsin through that book and was called upon to name his guy before me. Anyways, me and a friend rented movies on Son of Sam(his historical figure) Ted Bundy and Ed Gein. And no I didn't rent Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs or Psycho.

There are actual movies on these guys, with the title being that person's name. Atleast for Gein and Bundy. My friend got Summer of Sam. Well I also got a book on Ed Gein which I believe was called Ed Gein. So I'm reading about him and watching the movie and I'm like "Wow this guy was messed up." And the reason I'm writing about this now is cause I just saw another movie on Ed Gein called "Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield" or somethin like that. Should've just been called The Butcher of Ed Gein cause that's pretty much what it did.

The story was almost all wrong. I thought it would be good because it had Kane Hodder who played Jason Voorhees in a few Friday the 13th movies but all he did was make Ed Gein look like a wrestler. The timeline was off because it seemed like the bartender Ed Gein killed was just a few days before his last murder when in reality it was 3 years before it. And they made the son of his last victim into a deputy police officer. While he might have been a deputy police officer, they made it look like he got a call about her being missing when in reality it was he who found out she was missing and suspected him. It was just awful. if you want a better idea of what he was like, check out the one made in 2000 about him with the actor Steve Railsback playing Ed Gein.

I just knew it as Ed Gein but on IMDB it says it's called "In the Light of the Moon" I know not many of you are interested in this kind of stuff but I saw the Kane Hodder version last night and was just so bothered. And that one book I have about him has pictures of his victims and there's a thumbprint on one of the pages that looks like I was eating doritos while looking at the pictures cause it's orange. I honestly can't say but I do think that's what it was.

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