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GRAW 2 Patch Announced

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I m very disappointed, I am on the west coast and its 7:20am and the patch is not here. Starting to wonder if I have misplaced my trust in a company release dates. :wall:

You really should not rely on any release date information, then you wont get so disapointed.

Ubisoft normally will release info onto the net between 1600-1530 hrs UK time.

If the patch comes out today this will be when it comes.

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Disclaimer** I am making this post without even having dl'd the patch yet.

So almost a year now and GRAW2 has less multiplayer maps than a game that came out 4 months ago (Cod4). Bravo! :clapping:

For me I may check it out, but it (by the looks of the release notes) is too little too late. I am...err.. maybe was a huge Ghost Recon fan/addict, but I am afraid that my interest has faded. Not because the game was complete crap, but the support has been. The content is an appetizer at best. Too many "missing" pieces to list, and it has been covered at nauseum. The new maps are a joke...I have played most of these months ago....who cares if they are so called "official" now. You could have released 4 or 5 of the old maps that are in the DLC for 360 and you would have been praised. I mean ...where is the bundling of Castle Day at least...the map 3ds model was even a public one!!!

For me the #1 problem has always been lack of content. THere were some major bugs too, but most of those have been handled, or become accepted. And with the release of GRAW2, its like it was even stripped down more. The MP people weren't happy, the SP & COOP guys weren't happy...more content = less repetitiveness = greater replayability.

Ubi...for the future - CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT ----- include some of your older maps as well!!!!

I will stick to COD4. I don't say it is a better game...it is just a better franchise...as a franchise now. There are things that are great about it, there are things that are gay about it, but Activision/Infinity Ward now how to deliver. 4 months after release and already at v 1.5 NTM that the support is really there. Modders can mod because of auto dl & install...something GRAW has been missing from the beginning. So you see...they dont have to rush out new maps..or hear "where are the new maps" the community can make and distribute without it being a headache to get players to join.

Grin has stuck with the community, and IMO has done what they could...and I don't see the problems with GRAW being GRINS fault...for the most part. :grin1: I hope you guys make it big...you know how to deliver and listen to the community...I hope you get to publish your own titles as well as develop...without the "man's" handcuffs.

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