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Resistance 2 preview


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The Single-Player Campaign

It's already finished!: Unbelievable as it may seem, Insomniac claims that more or less all of the single-player maps are finished and running in a rough state. This is largely due to a new initiative from the developer that has them focusing on building the gameplay first and then adding art assets and balance tweaks later. Large portions of the co-op campaign are also confirmed to be running, so that fall 2008 release date is looking pretty much like a certainty now.


Traversing the countryside in style: Vehicles are going to play a part in Resistance 2 in a big way, but so far Insomniac has been tight-lipped about what types of vehicles will be controllable. They have mentioned that airborne enemies and battles will be featured, though, and a couple of screenshots show off some cool-looking (and very prominently-placed) jets. We're also hoping that vehicles will carry over to co-op and multiplayer, but the first game's multiplayer didn't contain any of the vehicles from single-player.


The Co-Op Campaign

Four is fine, but eight is great: Trumping all genre expectations, Insomniac has decided to include a co-op mode that can contain as few as two players or as many as eight. The random soldiers in this campaign will fight their way through objective-based, plot-lite levels that will coincide with Nathan Hale's single-player story in some ways. Reportedly, this mode will be as long as or longer than the single-player.

Massive numbers should not mean massive confusion: 60 players (up from Resistance's max number of 40) may sound like an awful lot, but Insomniac is doing everything in their power to make sure competitive battles don't get out of hand. Players will be split into lobbies of six-to-eight-member squads, each with unique objectives. Specific areas on each map will foster frantic large-scale battles, but most of the fighting should come in the former of smaller skirmishes.

Community is key: Insomniac continues pushing community as one of the core pieces of Resistance rather than an afterthought. How serious is the developer? Well, for one the game will feature dedicated servers for player statistics and community tools in addition to actual games. Myresistance.net (currently in beta) will feature full profile pages, clan support, and social networking bonuses -- all of which Insomniac says will be up and running by the time the game launches.

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The Co-Op Campaign

Reportedly, this mode will be as long as or longer than the single-player.

Nice. I love coop.

Ted Price: We had already begun designing Resistance 2 multiplayer almost a year before Call of Duty 4 was released. That's not to say we're ignoring what's popular in online play. We get out there and play the competition. We pay attention to what players are saying on the boards. Either what we see makes us confident that we've chosen to do the right things with our design, or we have a chance to change things up if we think players' tastes are evolving.

It seems that they really are listening to the online player crowd with all the features they are adding. Should make for a really fun game.

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Is Insomniac games about to pull a fast one? Rumors are circulating that Resistance 2 might be a lot closer than people think. They produced this video:

Near the end there is a computer screen with big numbers saying 07/08. Are they trying to tell us something?

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