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GRAW2 Coop Tournament


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Are you interested in participating? Please pass the word around.

You may have noticed that this tournament ends on March 17....so it should be done before Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is released.

There is a pre-tournament challenge to get you warned up. This pre-tournament is set for Monday night February 11, 2008.

Here are the missoin details:


The full rules of the tournament are here:


Assemble your team and Email your 4 to 6 man roster to:


Team rosters are due before Thursday February 14, 2008. The first match is Monday February 18, 2008.

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Sounds cool. I'll see if I can get a team together.

BTW Ick one thing that I'd love to find out is accuracy of the GRAW 2 weapons over distance. This was never a problem before as most GRAW 2 maps were tiny. But with the inclusion of maps like Caves, Castle, Plantation, Swamp Airfield and Railroad Bridge that all have some massive sight lines I think certain weapons fair better at range than others. For example on Caves I couldn't hit a guy at long range with my M468 SD on full Auto and I was finding it difficult to hit them even on single shot.

So any chance of a accuracy list at different distances Ick. Would be appreciated.

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Here are our unofficial results... I was the one who died :wall:


GRAW2 Co-op Mission

Team: RSE 01

Date: 02/11/08

Time match started: approx 11:00pm

Time Match Completed: approx 11:15pm

Map/Mission: Swamp Airfield

Referee completing form: N/A

Everyone has read the rules? YES

All 12 Server settings verified? YES

Team Member / Class R,G,A,M

Thad Sasser – R (Rx4 Storm SD)

Chris Bray – G (M416 SD /320)

Patrick Sebring – R (Rx4 Storm SD)

Ryan McCabe – M (SR-25 SD)


Completed Primary Objectives and extraction: 150 points = 150

Completed Secondary Objectives (survival not required) 105 points. = 105

# of team alive at mission end _3_ x 30 points each = 90

(Awarded regardless of mission failure or success)

# of team not wounded at mission end _2_ x 25 points each = 50

(Awarded regardless of mission failure or success)

We elected to take a second try at the mission. Use this area to

subtract 105 points from the second attempt score.

Total Points = 395

Tie Breaker: How long was the mission? 14:15

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