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Some of you might remember modding missions in Rogue Spear. If you do, you'll remember there were objects that could be added to, and manipulated throughout the map.

If I remember correctly, there were items such as boxes, buttons, pieces of plywood, and barricades, to name a few. I am looking to use something like that in the modding of a GR mission.

If anyone would be able to send me to a link where I could D/L a piece of plywood, or something else that I could put into a map to keep the players from being able to leave a building, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Yeah, I want to block doors, so the team on the lower level can't go upstairs, or leave that general interior area.

I also want to make it so the team on the upper level can't sneak into one of those open offices where the stationary guns are, or go downstairs.

Doors to block upstairs:

1. Door to stationary gun 1 office

2. Door to stationary gun 2 office

3. Upper entrance to stairway going down

Doors to block downstairs:

4. Front double doors

5. Door to rear vestibule (not rear exit door)

6. Lower entrance to stairway going up

Thank you.

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Sounds like a total kill fest! :devil:

Ok, I took the liberty of placing them in the correct place:


All you need to do is add your script.


There is a single and a double door. These should be fine throughout all the original maps. PM me if you have any issues. SP mission available: ****door_test


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Very nice. Great help. :thumbsup:

Thank you very much for spending the time to make those doors, write the pre-action script, and make the files available to me. Your help is greatly appreciated, and the mission is infact a killer.

It reminds me of the Mint map from R6 that someone modified with barrels (to block doors) to make a similar setting.

I never get tired of this game. Maybe something's wrong with me? ;)

Thanks again.


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