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Map points?....


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING game on the Embassy map.

I want to make one base on the upper floor of the bank, and another on the lower floor. This is a FRAG ONLY game. I've placed vehicles to block the doors so you can't get out of the bank. I've also placed vehicles in the hallway so you can't go up or down the stairs.

1. Is there a way to place plywood (or something else) on the door openings, or a way to lock the doors, like we used to be able to do in Rogue Spear mission modding?

2. Why do my vehicles show up in the game when it's in MISSION mode, but not in TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING mode?

3. How do I create only two bases and eliminate all of the other "map points"? If I delete even one, the game doesn't show up in the list of missions to play. Very odd. I'm confused.



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I claim to be no authority, but I'll say it anyway...

1. With the proper files you could but it would be for a game type file(.gtf)

2. I think TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING mode calls on mainly .gtf and and doesn't use the script from the.mis files.

It only uses the map points, bases and TR zones from the .mis file.

3. TEAM / LAST MAN STANDING mode uses the bases and TR zones and the central zone for some game types

(HH or SAR). I don't think you need to worry with the map points as I think they are zones for opfor in co-op gametypes like Defend and Firefight.

I think your idea would work if you can script it as a .gtf.

Gotta go to work.

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Your not going to be able to play a gtf and a mission at the same time.

Vehicles cannot be used for gtf`s unless the maps have vehicles already pre-placed onto them.

Best way would be to get the MBC map ready, with no scripting though. Then import the LMS script. To play you need to select: Team / Mission.

Place Base 0 and respawn zones plus Base 2 and respawn zones on top floor. (Blue and Green)

Place Base 1 and respawn zones plus Base 3 and respawn zones on bottom floor. (Red and Gold)

LMS should need no other Zones.

Points are for Solo games.

HX5 has some usefull objects that would block the doors and look a little better, like fences, walls and bunkers. You could try get permission to use some, or post a request and someone may help build that piece of plywood for you. Otherwise you can blow people up who step onto a mine. Place Red smoke and poison anyone in 3M radius...Door goes bang if opened. etc..

Good luck


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I think everything Wombat has said is correct. However, like Tinker, I would advise against building a GTF for what you are describing. If I understand you just want this "game type" to be available on one map, and you want a bunch of "other things" to show up on the map. the trick is to build a missions that is available for team play, then in your server you just select team-play and the gametype is missions and viola you should find your mission in the list of maps. This allows you to have a specific script running and have objects (like vehicles) placed on the map.

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I did exactly as you 3 explained and it worked. Thank you for the clear instructions.

The proximity actor - kill self response doesn't work so well, however. If you run quickly enough through the smoke effect you can avoid killing yourself. I will create a new thread asking for a piece of plywood. Makes the game play cleaner anyway.

Thanks again. Once again, an excellent resource for assistance.


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