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Brothers In Arms By Jack 57


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Brothers In Arms by Jack57

Author's Website

Reviewed by Rocky, Pave Low


File size : 8 Mb

Required : Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, Island Thunder


Brothers In Arms (BIA) is the sequel to Jack57's excellent Band of Brothers campaign, as featured in PC Gamer magazine, and rated 9/10 in our review here.

BIA continues with Jack57's theme of putting the player in Rebel shoes, fighting against the Ghosts instead of with them, and in BIA this takes place on the Island Thunder maps. It comes with an installer, and a Readme file that must be read in order to complete the installation fully.

Rather than produce a report on each mission, I am trying out a new review style based on some great Ghost Recon after action accounts posted in our War Journal Forum. In this way we won't reveal too much detail about each missions, and leave you to enjoy each mission as it deals the player unexpected surprises, twists and turns. We will only describe one mission in detail, and you'll find that right below the Conclusion of this review.

Missions and scripting

The amount of detail and polish that has gone into these missions is breath taking. If you have never played a Campaign outside of the stock Ghost Recon campaigns, you are in for a real treat. If you have already enjoyed Jack57's other campaigns, you are in for more of the same - and some.

Each mission kicks off with cool cinematics, sometimes the cinematics will reveal updates to the mission briefing and take the mission in a different direction - so pay attention!

You will also notice bomb proof scripting, what I mean by that is, these missions have been carefully tested and include coding to ensure the enjoyment factor is high, and frustration low. For example, there are no tricky zones to return hostages too - as soon as hostages are even in the extract vicinity, the script will take over and the player does not need to worry about pixel perfect positioning.

Other neat touches include picking up enemy weapons to use, and the clever use of friendly Non Player AI to immerse the player in the mission - great stuff. There are also one or two moments of shear genius, that had me smacking my head - DOH! He can be a sneaky guy that Jack57!

Conclusion 10/10

It's getting a little repetitive scoring Jack57's missions 9/10. I really enjoyed these missions, from the immersive missions and clever scripting, to the neat touches like the lack of Night Vision for the rebels, nasty surprises in the swamp, and some funny and clever moments - Jack has put a whole lot of thought into these missions. So I am breaking the mould and awarding Brothers In Arms our first 10/10 award, after all - Jack57 is breaking the mould with every new campaign he puts out.

Mission 4 El Enga񯛯color]

Okay guys listen up, the exchange is going ahead this evening. Our leader will be delivered to us by boat, and we will then release the Marines back to the Ghosts. Tool up, and be sharp, I don't trust these Americans, but we need our Leader back in one piece.

Damn these treacherous Americans, it's a trick!! Radio the prison and make sure the Marines are still under guard!! Incoming!!! Ghost's inbound!!! Spread out, take them down!!!!


A message has come back from the guards, the Ghosts have infiltrated our prison and released the captured Marines!!! They will die, they must all die!!!


They have a helicopter coming in on the North side of the island, that heli must not escape with the Marines run run run!!!! You two - take this route through the prison grounds and try and approach the helicopter from the other side RUN!!


There it is! On the other side of the graveyard, that graveyard will be the last place those American Ghosts ever see!! We will camp here and pick them off as they approach the heli, our comrades will approach from our left, through the graveyard, and we will wipe them out!


Okay, those two are in position now, lets make our way toward the graveyard, be careful though. I am sure those Ghosts will have their escape route covered. In my mind's eye I can see a crazy Ghost camped out under a palm tree with a M136 pointed this way, be careful!


GET DOWN GET DOWN THERE HE HIS!!!! Suppressive fire NOW!!!! Cover me!!! I will take care of that Ghost on my own! Take that sniper rifle up the hill and cover that heli - the Marines must not make it onboard.


Ahhhhh there they..... I will drop those unsuspecting marines, their freedom is not as close as they think.


The sniper has killed those Marines, if the Ghosts had not tried to trick us they might not have died a dogs death on this wind swept island. Now cover the area, I do not want any Ghosts to make it onboard that heli and get away - they must all pay for their trickery!

Play this mission and more like it, with twists and turns at every step - download Brothers In Arms!

Edited by Rocky
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this kind of thing makes me wish i had a credit card so i could donate money :(

(so i could be d/l now and be playing it today ;) )

Edited by avey2904
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Wow what a review :o Thankyou - I, I, er...dunno what to say really . . .

Perhaps I had just better get on with that new campaign I've already started :ph34r:

Love that mission 4 summary, Rocky - I might have to put you on the payroll :wub:

Humbly, Jack :)

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Perhaps I had just better get on with that new campaign I've already started  :ph34r:

I didn't say it in the "1.8 million" news post recently - but I wanted to say - In my opinion, the reason Ghost Recon is still selling, and the reason it is bigger than Raven Shield, is because of people like Jack57.

Your mods (and others) have kept this community alive, and when people browse the web looking for a new game to buy, and they see a community buzzing like this one is, compared to others, they are confident they are buying into something with longevity and a massive back catalogue of free fun to download.

Hats off to you for your dedication. Goodness knows Ubi Soft don't recognise it, but I do.

About my review though....


don't cha just love that pic :rocky:

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About my review though....

don't cha just love that pic  :rocky:

Chilling isn't it :wacko:

Thank goodness they only use them rocket thingies against armour, eh :unsure:


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Hi All !! Well HATS OFF for u guys ! I played Brothers in Arms,and it was FUN the cinematic is COOL,I always want to blow that boat LOL :devil: ,The end is FUN AS HELL :lol: ,the MUSIC of MANO NEGRA is good!!

One little detail" EL movimiento Zapatista "IS MEXICAN"this is in Chiapas Mexico"is happening now"; Emiliano Zapata was Mexican"Revolucionario"Past history of Mexico",He said "LA TIERRA ES PA" QUIEN LA TRABAJA" that means the" land is for the ones who work it"Just for the ones who wonder what the music was about and what he was saying in the radio, and the NAHUATL is my Mother lenguage,Thank you very much for this Mod JACK57.

All in the game is Fictional so is GOOD :lol: as u state in the read me OK. :rocky:

p.s.We here all enjoy it. :wub:


Edited by Cuchillo*
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Eh Señor "Knife", ¡no hay de que! Mucho gusto servirle :wub:

Yeah the music of Manu Chao I chose for the latino sound rather than the subject matter - I don't figure too many will understand the lyrics :rocky:

Wow you played it thru quick :o Glad you enjoyed it :)

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I always like Jacks Mod ...

Well, I only can say "keep it up man" ... Rocky was dead right about why GR outsell Ravenshield. Without modders, a game is only good until it's finished.

By tha way, it's always nice to be the underdog, make your victory seem so much sweeter.



Wining isn't everything.

It's the only thing.

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ok well here it goes...just finished mission 1 had to do it with pistols cos sent 2 men into the station set demo charges had a lil fight and got nailed so had to make it with pistols was tense near end 2 roadblocks mission2 nooo! first try spotted and mission ended <_< lemme just spill blood!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing so far anyways thought just break to say v.nice jack :D

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sorry but had to add this played mission3!!!! woohoooo!!! omg jack you do such and amazing job my comp froze up at a certan event (cos everything running on high comp struggles abit) and as this certain event happened was waiting like bloody hell what was that!!! soooooooo good!

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:Donkey Fart Posted on May 8 2003, 21:01


sorry but had to add this played mission3!!!! woohoooo!!! omg jack you do such and amazing job my comp froze up at a certan event (cos everything running on high comp struggles abit) and as this certain event happened was waiting like bloody hell what was that!!! soooooooo good!


:huh: I wonder if that made sense...

I haven't played the mod :( , can't download it yet...


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This kinda thing makes me feel like Jack57 is on a little pedestal and we are all down below

LITTLE!! I can't even see him from where I am!

I like the idea of you making ANOTHER campaign.

You needn't be so modest. You are a brilliant scripter. This was worth me griping in the General Mod Topics Forum. Loving every mission.

Rocky: That was a slightly confusing review of the mission. Was that what was going through your mind?

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the only fault i can find in the mod, well it isn't even a fault but there you go :P is that the ghosts have straps on their faces when they are wearing boonie hats like so


Anyways, i wont loose sleep over it...

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the first mission on the military camp map always ends after 5 seconds and is failed

Hi Stalker,

Do you have at least three men (for SP) as per the briefing? It will fail if not, although you should get a message to that effect.

Jack :rocky:

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To Jack (or anyone else who may have the knowledge to help).

I've followed Jack's readme for setup of Brothers in Arms to a "T" and I seem to be having some problems with Mission 3.

If/when I lose a soldier, and I try to restart by hitting "F-7" (to load my last saved game) I get the in-game pop-up window "ALL SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN LOST", and then the game crashes to desktop.

So, I re-boot, re-start the game, and try selecting ANY of my mission 3 saves and keep getting that same message and crash to desktop.

Anyone have any fix or ideas? - (other than not die) LOL!

I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!

Mally :)

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