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Hey everyone,

Well, I am looking at how much time I have available in my life, with job / girlfriend / gaming / etc and I've realized I'm coming up short. I haven't been around here that much lately... time to time I check in and post about our PatchFest fun... but I think I have to say that it's about time I mosey on down the path.

I spent a LOT of time today back on the Blackfoot Studios forum for Ground Branch and I've decided that what little time I have going forward for online forum chat / etc. will be devoted there. I've been a Ghost Recon fan since it's inception. I own 13 copies of [GR] (all of them original game + all mission packs), and I've even purchased both GRAW's, but I simply don't feel the love from Ubi + (choose your developer) any longer. The Blackfoot gang have it right and I encourage you ALL to visit their forums soon. They're not making a game, they're re-making the genre and it's our chance to be a part of the fun.

I know I will see most of you over there so this isn't really goodbye... :) Thanks to Rocky and the ENTIRE forum admin team for keeping me (mostly) in check these past few years. Emotions ran high there for awhile but you guys (and girls!) handled it with reckless professionalism! :)

-John K.

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