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List some favourite Graw 2 maps


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-mountain falls----big fan of maps with heavy foliage

-River Depot---another map heavy with foliage and great size, a good uphill fight

-Caves------classic map with huge lines of sight

-Rail Road Bridge------a decent upgrade of a classic map, the changes are well thought out

-Battlefield---------one of my favorite maps ever still holds up great after all this time

-Aral Sea

-Crash Site------Huge map with a great concept, the crashed plane and all the smoke effects rock

-Station--------great map that mixes lots of elements

-Aftermath-----unique setting with great lighting.

-outpost (campaign style)......a nice big map

All of the "classic" maps from the original series have masterful map design....unfortunately not all translated well to graw 2 due to the fact that the interior portions of the maps were omitted and greatly affected their design.

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In alphabetic order.

Battlefield **


Crash Site *

Mountain Base

Mountain Falls

River Depot


Swamp Airfield *

* extra points for atmosphere/mood (i can walk around in these maps without playing, just enjoying the scenery, sounds etc.).

Actually i think Battlefield deserves an extra star. Simply awesome. Pure art. But why on earth did you guys seal off the sewers?

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