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New Rendering Error


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I have a new rendering error. Previously I had the ground and walls not render properly but a mod to the Texture xml document resolved the issue.

The new problem is that my guns, ghosts, bots and trees are all shades of green. I was getting rid of the problem by rebooting the computer, but these days this work-a-round isn't fixing the issue.

I could post a pick but all you'd see is green of a lot the things I've described. The ground, walls, buildings and other propers are all rendering properly.

Anybody seen this behaviour and got a fix?


- CM

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post your texture scope please

Texture Scope:


  <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope_editor.xml#xpointer(/include/common/*)"/>

  <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope_editor.xml#xpointer(/include/historical/*)"/>

  <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope_editor.xml#xpointer(/include/city/*)"/>

  <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope_editor.xml#xpointer(/include/industrial/*)"/>

  <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope_editor.xml#xpointer(/include/ghetto/*)"/>

  <texture_set name="atlas_mission_specific/mission02_specific/cube" />

  <texture_set name="atlas_mission_spec_editor/backdrop_cube_d" />

  <texture_set name="atlas_graffiti/atlas_graffiti_01" />

  <texture_set name="custom_levels/the elephant's head/lightmaps" />

  <texture_set name="atlas_props" />


You can grab the full bundle here ... The Elephant's Head ... the map is perhaps 50-55% done.

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