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Update: DLC achievements fixed


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It's me, your friendly neighborhood Kimi again. Boy what a day it has been!

I come bearing both good and bad news. Good news: The achievement issue has been sorted out, so if you load up the Co-Op Collection now you WILL be able to earn those achievements and increase that all important gamerscore.

Now for the bad news: This does not update the gamerscore of anyone who already unlocked achievements for this DLC. Don’t lose complete hope in your gamerscore just yet though, as we’re continuing to look into that. Happy co-op’ing!

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This issue is now 100% OK, including those who got the achievement prior to the fix.

For those who have unlocked achievements during the time period that gamerscores were not updating, if you perform an account recovery on your gamertag it will return these achievements to its original locked state. You will need to play and attain the achievement again, however it will now unlock correctly.

Thanks so much for your patience while we worked to provide a resolution for the achievements. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, especially those who will need to obtain the achievements again (but hey, you were planning to play more than once anyways, right! :D )

To recover your account you will need the Windows Live ID email address and password that you used to originally create your account. In order to absolutely ensure that nothing else gets affected while you are recovering your gamertag, it is suggested that you recover your gamertag to a memory unit that does not contain your saved games and once this is complete you can move your gamertag to the storage unit of your choice.

For complete instructions from Microsoft on how to do an account recovery, click here.

For futher support on recovering your gamertag, Microsoft support can be reached here.

FAQ for Account Migration: click here.

If you have forgotten your password, click here.

For instructions on how to move your gamertag from one storage unit to another, click here.

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