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Help with OGR vehicles


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I am having trouble with getting my vehicles to spawn in when triggered.

When I set the vehicles to "sequence_spawn" they never show up. However, they are all there, the troops spawn in and the vehicles move correctly when I don't set them to "sequence_spawn". The problem there is you can hear the vehicles before you get to them. Not a good thing for me.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be great! I was hoping to get this map done for public play this weekend.


Mission script:

<event name="activate_vh1">

<element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="vh1" start_time="0.1"/>

<element type="OrderCar" vehicle_id="vh1" order="move" position="1006 28027 100" speed="1.0" target="false" start_time="3"/>


World script:

<unit name="panhard" unit_id="9927" actor_id="none" vehicle_id="vh1" sequence_spawn="true" sequence_death="false" team_slot="25">

<position pos_x="7249.0942" pos_y="29086.066" pos_z="5.068162"/>

<rotation yaw="0.41943914" pitch="0.0024493297" roll="43.002731"/>


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Thanks for the help guys......NOT!

I have never known a so called "support group" to be so non-responsive. Your contact section claims, and I quote,

"If you are looking for help or have a question the fastest and most reliable way for results is to use our forums or our FAQ - really, this IS the fastest way to get help! "

It amazes me that with so many modders here that no one would try to help out and answer quetions from a noob map maker.

Just goes to show how much help you can actually get.....thanks, but thanks anyway as I figured it out by trial and error on my own.

Thanks for all the help…………..?

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