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Ghost Recon league


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Our community (more then 10 "old" teams) needs people to join disscussion about starting new project: Ghost Recon league with statistics and etc. More people - more chance to start league. Full info here First and last posts are important.

I think it's a dream for each Ghost Recon player. Let's realize it!

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Hello Ghost Recon community!

I'm proud to say GhostLeague is up! There's again change to play tactic hamburger hill with good old Ghost Recon! Check site :


The site is really fresh; basicly its under work all the time. We're starting our first gaming season pretty soon - and sign up's are ready and working! So if your clan wants to play some GR once again, you're welcome to play with good bunch of Ghost Recon veterans + enthustiastic new players! (gaming is concentraded to European time zones, of course US clans can join but time differences might come an issue)

Read more from the site and forum! At forum you can find various tutorials how to get started, here's an example: http://www.ghostleague.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5

** small description of rules: **

- Hamburger Hill

- 1 Team respawn

- 10 min rounds, Random Insertion

- Random maps, only Ghost League maps allowed! (minor modding at spawns & HH place - making them more equal)

- Olegruss weapon equality mod (really minor modding; only making some options to use other guns than SA80 & OICW)

- Read more from the leagues "Rules" page and forum

Kind regards,

Ghost League admin,

=[FiRe]= Seba

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