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Olegrus server-side weapons mod


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Sorry for my english before, if I write some words not right.

If you a Ghost Recon player, you know, that most of people use OICW and SA80, because OICW has a great scope and not bad recoil, and SA80 has a good scope and great recoil. And most of other weapons are not useful because of bad recoil, accuracy, lack of optic.

Besides most of servers don't allow MM1 or grenade launcher using, but admins can't forbid using of MM1 or support guns, because theese weapons are included in standart amunition of primary weapons.

In view of theese reasons, I resolve to make new weapon mod for standart Ghost Recon weapons to balance all weapons for comfortable using. Now you can choose not only OICW or SA80 and be good on the battlefield. All weapons are balanced with this mod.

Besides if you an admin of the server, you can choose what wepons must be forbided. Using different combinations of theese mods, you have a wide range of choice allowed weapons.

For example, you can install "No GL mod for all weapons", "No MM1 mod" and players could use primary weapons with hand grenades only.

You can install theese mods and all players on your server will have modified weapons even they didn't install theese mods on their PC. Also you can use theese mod in singleplayer too.

Weapon mod includes modified Ghost Recon weapons. The weapon optic (3,5x now), recoil, damagepower were changed in some weapons.

Weapons without changes: OICW, VZ58, Sopmod, SA 80, M24, L96, PSG1, some support guns.

All features of modified weapons based on real weapon features like mass, calibre, comfort in use, accuracy of fire.

This mod pack includes next mods:

No GL mod for OICW only

No GL mod for all weapons

No MM1 mod

No support mod

Weapon mod - the principal mod of this mod package.

*GL - Grenade Launcher

Detailed information and free download here

Also you can download some best Ghost Recon mods on this site too for free.

P.S. If you will copy link for mods to other sites, please copy PAGE LINK, not direct link.

With regards...

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