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"Co-op collection Available"

Pave Low

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Do you know I am actually starting to see the funny side of this now. I bet there are some managers throwing fits at Ubi right now.

Can anything else possibly go wrong for them??

I better hold this thought until after I have downloaded the content, with the way things are going I will pay for and download the Co-op map pack only to find it's actually additional memories for Assasins creed (maybe I shouldnt joke).

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Well I've learned some good stuff on these forums today... :(


Place, location, position.

Common in English from about 1640-1740. From Latin ubi, "where".

And this from someones sig... Con72's maybe...

Remember, you can't spell Dubious without UBI.

You know this wouldn't be that bad, but this isn't a first time occurence for Ubisoft. It is starting to seem like the status quo, and not only is Ubi guilty of it, but MS has dropped the ball like this before on DLC dates, emailing out PR and the PR department not being in sync with the actualities of what is going on.

Makes your company look inept. Maybe only the Ghost Recon hardcore will notice this, but it will filter down into the general public, via word of mouth.

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To be honest i am amazed at how much of a farce this has turned into. I could understand why they might want to keep their cards close to their chest and not commit to an actual release date until it was ready. How on earth though were they so unprepared when when it came to updating masses of the DLC launch.

Im not really ######, but just again amazed.

I suppose no one from ubi could update us when they are going to update us?

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Don't want to be negative on my first post but I am sorry!! Like everyone else I have waited and waited for these maps to come out, but all that Ubisoft have shown is that they are a joke!!! No communication with the customers, each other or MS. 400 points?? 800 points?? Who knows, but the honourable and decent thing to have done would have been to give these maps for free. I guess the holy buck is more important to you Ubisoft!!

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yep the forums are up but they deleted all the posts. how nice of them.. something to hide?


Yep, noticed that too....funny they didn't erase everything that was said this weekend, but when I was on there today, there were 13 pages......it's only like that on that forum too....all the forums were down but I don't see a difference in the "End War" forums i was lookin at

I wonder if we start posting on there again too, if they will try to erase that as well...

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Since the Ubi-forums are down i might aswell start posting here.

I got a small and non-official update. I found :ph34r: another co-op DLC trailer, it's longer and has a higher res.


Nice find on that video.

And OSPerry, Finally someone saw my sig. I think I have been using that since May. :lol:

Now if only Ubi could take a P*** without tripping over themselves.

Did Ubi make a bet with MS over which company could appear the most inept?

With this blunder they managed to tick off every last person that was looking for the map or information. Even people that started the day all cheerful and pro-Ubi are bashing them now. :tomato:

I just sit back, shake my head and chuckle, because this is EXACTLY the way everything goes with Ubi. :seehearspeak:

Hint - if you are going to tell people to come to your site for information on a specific day, post the information.

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Update from ubi forums

"Ok, here's the word.

Co-op collection is approved and scheduled for release tomorrow.

Obviously Kimi was supposed to make that announcement, but the forum outage prevented her from doing so.

As such, you get the announcement, such as it is, from little old me.

I have no info on price, supposedly that'll be released tomorrow as well."


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I had a chuckle at it all.. nice to see nothings changed at UBI. I'd have loved to posted "told you so" but I refuse to post on that forum anymore.

This has all been great entertainment. Watching Ubi tick off the last few people that were hyped about the DLC, blundering around like chimps in a brain damage experiment is probably worth the $5 (maybe $5 :wacko: ) cost of the DLC.

I hate to send any more money there way, but why shoot myself in the foot of having a good time in order to spite Ubi?

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I'd bang my head against my keyboard but in passing out I may actually miss the confirmation I'm waiting for. Yes, something was supposed to be posted today but in light of these 400/800 emails being reported as received we're trying to 100% absolutely positively get the information straight.

Of course, the forums going down and losing everything from Saturday to today, doesn't help.

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I want to point out that Kimi is posting from home. She's not at the office, she's home, and it's late there.

It's not an excuse for the weirdness that this release has seen, but a reminder that the messenger should not be blamed.

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if my memory serves me correct the DLC was out in the morning, and on the first graw the dlc came out at 10.30pm.

I'd I have thought releasing early GMT would allow the DLC to be download while the rest of the world sleeps. rather then the mad rush.. Releasing in the evening could be a nightmare, the First graw dlc took me over 24 hours to download, but a lot more people was playing then.

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