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[how to find some ghost recon severs]


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Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section as you can see i am very new

I got Ghost Recon 1 and island thunder, and desert siege but when i click multiplayer and go on internet i have got all the patches (1.4) i no it an old game and it may be know 1 plays the game anymore but if not can someone help me


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There is a little tab that pulls out from the right side of X-Fire.

Select the server you are looking at once, then open the tab to find all info about the mods.

Select "Display Raw Server Info" to find out more info about the modes and so.



Have any issues finding mods, you could post here in the mod finder topic:



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This is what it say if someone would be kind to give me the url for theses mods

Server NameKangaroo Killers

Server IP

Server Ping456

Server InfoD06 Ghost Town TaG clear (6/15)

Game Type\mods\mp1;\mods\mp2;\mods\da49;

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MP1 is Desert Siege

MP2 is Island Thunder

DA49 is a compilation of stolen files.

Unfortunately da49 is 1 of the very few mods that GR.Net will not host, or discuss.

Sry about that.

I do not have it installed, and do not know were to locate it.

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