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weapon pack updates


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Niiiiiiiceeee....does the video have sound? I didnt hear anything...but video is great!! Excellent work Brett....

Dood. The sound is what actually makes the video good! Glad you still like it, but seriously, the sound and music really adds impact to the imagery and helps me fool you guys into thinking there's more there then there really is.

WOW! Brettzie... will your new uniforms be available to SP?

Yes, they are available for both right now.

The Sound totally makes the video.... Rocking soundtrack and some quality choice quotes from Black Hawk Down lol

ANY ETA on release?

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ANY ETA on release?

Well, I think it's ready - I already feel like I've spent more time then I wanted to on this...but I luv et! I can't be sure mp will actually work though, unless Wolfsong tested it somehow. He's narrowed down all the errors, so hopefully that helps. I hope it does, that would be sweet. You can do coop missions by youself though in mp mode, making it spop. Most likely the bodies will work in mp, but the weapons may have issues that could be beyond repair. Cross your fingers.

Last night I went through all the missions to see if there were any strangeness with people, found some missing heads, but fixed it. I'm on the last mission now. God mode btw, too time consuming to actually play them.

Hopefull later today. And Murphy's Law states that as soon as I release it, the patch will come out. That will be good for everyone but me since I'll have to go in and see what all changed in the xmls.

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hey brettzies is the weapon pack going to be delayed cause the new patch is coming out ?

Well, according to post #103, the answer is no. However, next week when the patch does come out, I'll have to go in and see what changed in terms of xmls I'm using. The weapon list will have to be totally re-numbered I'm guessing. Mp kits will have to be re-number as well. It could take a while to fix all of that. On the other hand, this probably will still work in some ways with patch 1.05, but it will overwrite somethings like the weapon list and kits. So, you wouldn't see the two new patch weapons. It all just kind of depends, but I'll try to fix it up for the patch as well.

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hi all it is my first posting here.

at first i want to congratulante the modder for this fantastic mod :D

ive installed it and now i have a lot of fun pflaying graw once again.

then there is one question ive got - is there a possibility to get the g36 from the beginning of the mission like in the mp

with the pimp option like scope, silencer and the gl from the mk 416 ???

thx to the modder once again - gga greetings from sweeperone1975(ger)

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Hi all.

Just looking to the future...

I think the AN-PEQ idea from earlier in the thread is great, even if it does not do anything they still look awesome on the guys weapons, would really make things more realisitc as most soldiers you see these days seem to have them.

The other thing I would really like is a working flashlight that you could turn on and off. I presume all the code is already there because you can pick up the enemy weapons with flashlights. Although it would be better if we could turn the brightness up a bit.

With regard to turning it off could you use a similar system to the m203. i.e. press f5 or whatever it is and it comes on and then back to F1 and it turns off. Obviously this would mean that you could not use the GL with it but I would trade that for a flashlight.

Your thoughts...

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