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I heard that the "new" 65nm processor was starting to trickle onto the market, but that there is still a large number of old 90nm processors still in many 360s on the shelves. That was a few months ago so I am wondering if there is any new news on the subject.

I know, I am pretty far behind on the gaming scene, but I don't game much so I am still working on finishing SCDA on the elite mode (just bought it a month ago), and when I finish it, I was considering trying out the new 360. Are all 360s now equiped with the new processor, or are there still a few remaining with the old processor still in it?

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I was considering trying out the new 360. Are all 360s now equiped with the new processor, or are there still a few remaining with the old processor still in it?

The new 65nm "Falcon" Xbox CPU is out since the Halo 3 Special Edition 360's hit the market.

Read here how to identify if a 360 has one of the new CPUs inside:


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Yea they out in good numbers now. If you thinking of getting a x360 thats great, but there is about to be another price drop soon. I believe they tring to set it around GTA4 release. So give or take or maybe right on the money when the game comes out! Not sure on the price drop, but i thinks it may be another $50!

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A few more interesting articles. Note that the Falcon design only shrinks the CPU to 65nm. Just makes me wonder why MS is taking so much time to shring the GPU to 65nm

Microsoft Insider: Xbox 360 Team Knowingly Launched Faulty Hardware


Now, six months later, a supposed Microsoft insider confirms that around 30% of Xbox 360 consoles, most based on the original ‘Xenon’ design, fail. “It's around 30 percent, and all will probably fail early,” the source told 8Bit Joystick. “This quarter they are expecting 1M failures, most of those Xenons. Some of those are repeat failures.”

A die-shrink to 65nm would also help solve heat issues, though the much anticipated ‘Falcon’ design only featured a 65nm CPU, while the GPU remained at 90nm. The GPU shrink to 65nm is planned later this year in the ‘Jasper’ redesign

According to the Microsoft insider, the new ‘Falcon’ Xbox 360 hardware is far more reliable than the original ‘Xenon.’ “I've heard that the failure rates for the current design is sub 10%. Much much better, but still too high ... And those designs haven't seen much life yet, so no one knows if that failure rate will hold,” explained the source, adding that future revisions are in the cards. “They will come out with new hardware at least once a year until they retire this design. That's the console financial model. Keep the features and functionality the same, reduce cost and price, and improve quality if needed.”

About the next iteration of the 360:


"I don’t know why it will take Microsoft essentially three years to cost reduce the size of the graphics chip through a manufacturing shrink," said Takahashi. "Microsoft has had to divert a lot of engineers to debugging problems with Xbox 360 reliability. Even so, you would think that they would have moved faster, since the move to 65-nm graphics chip will likely be one of the best things they can do to improve the reliability."
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