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Hi all,

My Clan South Side Tribe has been around for about 12 years almost, started from when starcraft first came about. for the last 2-3 years its been alomost dead with aload of members that where inactive, things are now starting to pick up.

we got around the same amount of members as always, just more are now starting to play again. we had an old logo before in which was made with the us seals logo, I redesigned it about 3 years ago to somethink better, but the idear just didn't stick.

The thing is im good at graphic design, but the idear for this 1 is just not working.

So im in need im after a logo that looks like an army badge, somethink better than just a skull and the letters sst on it. as we play more than shooters, but shooters mainly I want the logo to be somethink simple and reconizeable.

the reason i want the logo as a badge is because ive started picking up on airsoft and would like to adventually have that logo emborded and put on my gear.

So just to sum everythink up for a collection idears;

* The clan name is South Side Tribe (SST)

* The slogon is "No Limit's, Just Gaming!"

* The usual colours we used to use where black and red, but this is 12 years ago when it first started so im happy to go for a different colour scheme.

* The clan mainly plays shooter games, but has know to play in other games such as mmorpg's and strats.

* The clan is mainly basied in the UK and the USA, but where an international clan in which we invite everyone.

* Our clan mainly plays for fun and we usually try to ladder, where not a clan to moan if we lose and were 100% against cheating.

Ok so thats about everythink I can think of, again im sorry if im breaking any rules please direct me in the right direction if im in the wrong. I'm not expecting anyone to do it for my I would just like some help. I'm more for idears but if someone was to produce a logo and a psd file to go with it that would be more than expected and ild be very grateful.

Thank you for reading anyway,


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