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New Look Ghosts

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they look great. and i've always been annoyed with cod4's player models. the cod series has been known for "midget/dwarf" models for a while now and they broke the habit with cod4. but one thing they retained was the abnormally large helmets and maybe a large head too. i like your half head helmet much better.


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I was working on switching out the Marines with some of the better looking models in the game and ran into a big problem, thought I solved it, but it still seems to exits.

Whenever you load a saved game, the gear(hip pouches, holsters, etc) defaults back to the mex_sf_cam swatch. I tried to make the gear unique to the ghosts and usmc, but for some reason it still jumps back if you load a savedgame. Pretty frustrating because it messes up the whole look. I'm not sure why it keeps jumping back. It's as if it doesn't save that info in the save game file. I've noticed if I make changes to the gear, I have to start the mission over for them to show up. Another GRINddle to figure out. :hmm:


A question to Brettzies: do you fix the problem whit a gears? I have same problem in my models, when i load a saved game the gears default back to the mex_sf . The camo of helmets default too. I made a duplication of gears, helmet, torsos....for the ghost and marines, but it don´t work. I change gear_difusse texture and copy in textures folder from my mod, but don´t work too. I put the same camo for the mex_sf and ghost, but i don´t like it. What can i do?

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The only way I was able to make the gear stick with the correct camo pattern was to edit the materials xml file like this:

<material name="gearcamo_ghost_gear" src="bump_camo_tint_instanced" unique="true" >

<variable name="base_color" type="vector3" value="0.82 0.78 0.625"/>

<diffuse_texture file="camo_ghost_gear_df"/>

<bump_normal_texture file="ghost_gear_bm"/>

<self_illumination_texture file="camo_multicam_xy_df"/>

<clip_plane value="0 0 -1 15000"/>


That's just one example, but I think there are 4 entries in the materials file where you have to do that. You can over-ride that in the templates, but when you reload, it jumps back to whatever is in the material file...very annoying.

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What I've done is replace the ghost head with

 <head_unit name="merc_head_01"/> 
And then add the glasses on top with:
 <gear_unit name="merc_head_gear_glasses"/>

Make sure that you have all of the .diesel amd .xml files in your "local" directory, though.


I did it. But i only want the glasses from ghost_sf_head_base, it´s possible?


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