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Mod Tools Announced


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You might need to register to view the source the guy works for IW and posted this today (1/16) in the charlieoscardelta forums

I am here with good news for the modders! First I wanted to thank everyone for their patience in the mod tools release. The small group of people who assisted us in testing the tools have been a huge help in finding issues during beta so that we can fix them before the tools are officially released. With that said, version 1.0 of the tools is ready to be released and the 600mb download will be released to everyone by the end of this week. We'll have more info when the file is available and provide download links.
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I havent had a chance to play online since friday so a quick question.

Will servers running user made maps show up on the regular server browser, or will we have to go to the Mods link?

Yes, the mods link. Theres a tab for custom maps but no servers show here.

Are above said user made maps auto download without restart?

Maps are autodownload with no restart required.


Finally got on and found out the answers myself. I'm not just talking to myself, honest. >_<

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