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Friday Nights Cod4 Game Information


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Fantastic night, I believe I'm actually improving and it's great when a few of you seem to gel and move tactically.

Me and Custard seemed to be TK magnets last night, it was getting hilarious, we seemed to be able to zero in on each other from anywhere, then the inevitable came on TS "Ooops, sorry m8" ;)

Great close games though, Bomb moving from one end to the other, all the games seemed to hang on a knife edge right up to the end.

Sorry about, that it's not as we were swopping teams every round either. I've been having a great time in the last few weeks better gameplay from all.

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Tried to play last night several times on the Sparta server but damn I was having real lag issues, kept leaping across the map, trying to hit anyone was just pot luck which was a shame because the games were good, I will try again tonight if people are playing.. :blink:

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So as to make sure everyone is aware we pay for the Best of the Best when talking servers.

Funny thing is I get Connection errors at the same time the UK guys do and I ping at the 50-70 range.

Zeno has stated he will reboot our server so bear with us as we try and sort this out......Thanks.

p.s. please stop shooting me............ :P

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